A Healthy Way to Start the Day

Graz: Kitchen Fresh is a small deli with a unique menu just south of Downtown

The first time I ate at Graz was right after I quit my day job to work on ChandlerBlvd.com full time. A bunch of Gangplankers met there for breakfast. Graz had just opened a few weeks earlier. We got to meet Marcus, the owner. I was impressed by his passion his hustle, and the menu: simple, healthy items, but done in a unique way.

As soon as I walk in the door, I see Marcus and he recognizes me. We had talked briefly a couple weeks prior at Peixoto. Graz is now serving Peixoto’s coffee, which I think is a great match!

I asked Marcus what’s popular on the menu. He suggested the vegetarian Rise and Shine sandwhich: pressed 9-grain bread with herbs, pesto, tomatoes, spinach, red onions and scrambled eggs. He said I could get it with turkey or bacon if I needed some meat, but this time I passed. I also got a 16oz hand-squeezed orange juice blended with ice, which was amazing.

After a short wait the sandwhich came, garnished with a slice of watermelon. It was so good!

Graz also offers a variety of steele cut oatmeal combinations, sandwiches on brioche buns and bagels, and pre-made items you can get quickly. If you are feeling daring, Marcus is doing Trial Tuesdays, where they make a new type of sandwhich each Tuesday.

Check out Graz just north of the 202, at the southeast corner of Arizona and Pecos in the Santan Gateway shopping center. They are open 7-6pm on weekdays, 7-5pm on Saturday, closed Sunday.

Graz: Kitchen Fresh
1005 S. Arizona Ave
Chandler, AZ 85286
Phone: 480 722-2472
Website: http://grazkitchenfresh.com

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