A New Type of Community

The City of Chandler, Arizona has a rich history and a bright future. Founded a century ago as one of the first designed communities in Arizona by Dr. A.J. Chandler to be a “Pasadena in the Desert,” the city has always been marked by innovation. It started with Dr. Chandler’s new irrigation techniques that made agriculture possible and his San Carlos resort that had incandescent lighting and telephones in every room. Now it is home to Intel, PayPal and the Price Corridor, Gangplank, Innovations, TechShop, Local Motors, and more. The city has become a great place for families and has a distinct culture.

Chandler has had fast growth recently, but there are still many who have lived here all their lives. Many have a particular love and pride for their community. It is out of this love that the ChandlerBlvd project was born.

ChandlerBlvd showcases the culture and personality of Chandler by profiling the interesting people, events, and businesses that can be found in this city.

The Project includes this website, Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram. Join us!

The City of Chandler

ChandlerBlvd is not connected to the City government or organizations such as the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership (DCCP).

Gangplank Chandler

ChandlerBlvd is based at Gangplank Chandler, a community coworking space in downtown Chandler on Arizona Ave.