Party's Over for Parents Who Allow Underage Drinking

If there is underage drinking at a party, should the property owner be held responsible?

That is the question at the heart of a new law that would impose fines on a property owner/tenent that provides a location for a gathering where anyone who is not of legal age consumes alcohol. Six other Arizona cities and Pima County have insituted similar laws.

The first offense in an 18 month period will result in a fine of $250. Second is up to $1,000, third is up to $1,500.

Councilmember Rich Heumann is quoted by the Republic as saying the law isn’t directed at parents sharing a beverage with their children, but parties or gatherings where underage drinking is allowed. Chandler PD Commander Matt Christensen is quoted by the Republic that the police would interpret a gathering as two or more underage drinkers.

The City Council gave the initial approval to the motion on May 28th. A final vote is pending.

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