The B in BLD

First stop in ChandlerBlvd's series on breakfast spots in the city

BLD—Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner—has been in Chandler for 4 years, but it still seems like a new addition. Created by the same folks behind the fine-dining favorite Cork (which is now Earnest), BLD is more relaxed. Referred to as a casual neighborhood eatery, the menu contains many classics of modern American cuisine but with a few sophisticated twists.

BLD is located in a shopping complex on the NE corner of Dobson and Germann, along with other popular joins like Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers, Nando’s Cafe and The Ivy.

Inside features a bar, plenty of booths, and raised tables with bar stool chairs. There is a large private room and a pet-friendly outdoor patio. There is also a drive through thats perfect for getting an espresso or dirty chai tea on the go.

I asked my server what was popular. After outlining a few things she said she serves a lot of the Monte Cristo. Ham and jelly on french toast isn’t my usual choice, but it was good. To test their espresso mettle, I asked for a traditional macchiato (not what sbux calls a macchiato). It had a deep and dry flavor, with quite a lot of foam on top. Nice.

1920 W Germann Rd
Chandler, AZ 85286
Phone: (480) 779-8646

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